New Exercise Added!

Check out our Editing Fun Page for a new exercise (Exer 23).  It is a great exercise to give you practice with both navigation and editing.  After you have practiced with the exercise, I would love to hear your comments!  Enjoy!

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Bethany at M*Modal

Utilizing our Editing Fun!

Learning to become a successful MT editor takes patience, perseverance, and PRACTICE!  We have designed the Editing Fun page to provide you with some exercises that concentrate on particular skills and other exercises that tie many skills together to replicate more of an actual MT editing environment.  Most importantly, these exercises can be done over and over again—giving you the chance to really practice and improve.   

It is very important to master the basics of using navigational and editing shortcuts and use these as building blocks to the higher level skills such as speeding up the audio.  If you are new to editing, the exercises on our Editing Fun page will be very helpful in giving you practice and direction using several shortcuts at a time.  I suggest to start at Exercise 1 and work through them in order.  If you feel you didn’t quite get something, just open the exercise and start again before moving onto the next one.  The exercises really build on each other, adding new shortcuts– and then finally putting them all together in the later exercises. 

On the other hand, if you have been editing for a while but feel you are not progressing as you had hoped, revisiting these exercises can be useful for you too.  Often times when we are learning something new, there is so much information to take in at the beginning that you can feel overwhelmed or even miss some information because it didn’t all make sense to you yet.  Revisiting these exercises after you already have some experience can be beneficial to reinforce your navigational and editing skills and maybe pick up something you might have missed the first time around.  I often re-read through documentation that was provided to me when I started my job because now that I have a better understanding of the whole process, certain items in this documentation now have a clearer meaning for me. 

Feel free to pick and choose what you need.  Maybe you have successfully learned how to quickly and efficiently navigate through a document but would like more practice in using the editing shortcuts.  To help with this, I have grouped the exercises we currently have on the Editing Fun page to let you know exactly what skill is being focused on.  There are also some exercises that are knowledge checks—quiz type exercises that will help you test your knowledge of using the editor. 

If you have any questions regarding the exercises, please feel free to post a comment or question and we will do our best to help you.   Also, if there is a specific type of exercise or skill you would like to see in an exercise, let us know and we can try to create it.  Unfortunately some things are specific to the M*Modal editor and cannot be duplicated in an MS word document to provide an exercise, but we can still give you some tips and direction.  Above all–remember to practice, practice, practice!     When you need a quick break—try Exercise 18—it’s a fun M*Modal word search! 




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A few weeks ago, M*Modal attended the AHDI-NEMA show in Pittsburgh, PA.  We were able to meet many wonderful MTEs who stopped by our booth to say hello and fill out a card to be included on our quarterly newsletter mailing list.  From those cards, we pulled five lucky winners who will receive a Starbucks Gift Card! 

Congratulations to our winners!

Connie Evers

Ginny Lucarelli

Carolyn Kulp, CMT

Michelle Balaschak

Mary Sanders, CMT AHDI-F

Thank you to all who took the time to visit us at AHDI-NEMA.  If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, Always Understanding, please send us your email address and we will put you on the list. 

As always, we would love to hear from you!  We welcome feedback regarding the blog and the newsletter as well as your editing questions or comments.  Keeping the lines of communication open benefits the MTE and M*Modal!  Learning from each other is the best way to bring about improvement and advancement.


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting many MTEs while representing M*Modal at the AHDI-NEMA (Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was wonderful to meet you in person and get a chance to talk to you about editing and M*Modal.  I was very impressed by the passionate and positive attitude that so many of you had.  Some of the MTEs that I spoke with had not only learned to adapt to their new editing environment, but had grown to love editing more than straight transcription.  Others were just beginning with their transition to editing but were excited about learning these new skills and saw this as a positive change.   I truly believe a positive attitude toward change is more than half the battle in being successful. 

 I understand that attending these types of events may not be a possibility for everyone due to home responsibilities or financial restrictions, but it really is such a positive experience for an MTE.  It is a great way to come together with your fellow MTEs and share your challenges and accomplishments.  The sessions are filled with important and practical information to take back home with you and give you a renewed passion to accomplish your career goals.  AHDI has an excellent article posted on their website about planning ahead to be there for AHDI’s ACE 2011.  You can read the article here:   If you can’t make it to ACE 2011 in Phoenix, check out the events for your local AHDI chapter.  The locations might be closer to your house which can cut down on expenses and travel time.  

Thank you to all the MTEs who stopped by the M*Modal booth to chat at AHDI NEMA.  I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you all in Phoenix in 2011.