We want this group to be a beneficial and positive experience for everyone. For this reason, we must be sensitive to any information that might be proprietary to any of our partners, and of course must always be conscious of regulations pertaining to patient information.

1. Use an alias or nickname. We are sensitive to the fact that you might have concerns about anonymity and that your employers might be competitors. We do not, in any way, want this site to cause concerns for you or for them.

2. No identifying information. Please do not mention the names of the company for which you work, the accounts you work on, or names of hospitals or physicians.
a. No MTSO names.
b. No hospital, clinic, or doctor names.
c. No names of managers, supervisors, or other company personnel.

There are times when your challenge or question might not be directly related to M*Modal, but is rather related to the company for which you work. In those cases, we will contact you privately. M*Modal will not discuss specific partners or their technology on this or any other site. Ever.

3. No patient information. If you ever feel the need to provide an example of a particular problem you are experiencing, please do not include any names, dates, birth dates, locations, hospital or patient names, or any information that might give any indication of where that example came from.

4. No negativity. We WANT to hear about your challenges. We want to hear how you overcame them, and we are happy to hear from anyone who honestly wants assistance. But anyone who wants to bash their employers, the government, or the industry in general can do that elsewhere. 🙂 This is a site for those who need help and for those to want to help others and for those who want to preserve the value of medical transcription into the future.


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