Editing Fun!

Please make sure to maximize your screen to full size before beginning the exercises.

Blog Exercise 1

Blog Exercise 2

Blog Exercise 3

Blog Exercise 4

Blog Exercise 5

Blog Exercise 6

Blog Exercise 7

Blog Exercise 8

Blog Exercise 9

Blog Exercise 10

Blog Exercise 11

Blog Exercise 12


Blog Exercise 13

Blog Exercise 14


Blog Exercise 15


Blog Exercise 16

Blog Exercise 17


Blog Exercise 18

Blog Exercise 19

Blog Exercise 20

Blog Exercise 21

AnswerKey Ex 21

Blog Exercise 22

AnswerKey Ex 22


AnswerKey Ex 23

Blog Exercise 24

Blog Exercise 24_Answers

Blog Exercise 25

AnswerKey Ex 25

Blog Exercise 26

MT Week Fun Quiz!

MT Week Fun Quiz Answers

Blog Exercise 27

Blog Exercise 28

8 thoughts on “Editing Fun!

  1. We are still trying to figure out the best method for posting exercises. If Word does not work for you or if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

  2. I really like your blog! I know of 2 editing shortcuts that you might want to present here: Cntrl + Delete deletes a word to the right and alt + backspace deletes a word to the left. As an MTE, I use them both on a daily basis along with the navigational shortcuts you shared.


  3. Hi Laurana,

    Thanks for your post! Those two shortcuts are so useful and save many keystrokes. I actually have an exercise coming up soon that will use those two shortcuts. Stay tuned!

    Thanks, Bethany

  4. Love your exercises and pointers! I’d like to ask about a word expander I can use with M*Modal other than Shorthand. When I worked in Microsoft Word, I used my autocorrect which I can no longer use with M*Modal. I’m not happy with Shorthand and would like some suggestions on another expander that is compatible.

  5. Hi Alena –
    Thank you for your kind comments! There is a text expander built into the editing tool. If possible, try talking to your supervisor to see if they can make this feature available. If that is not an option, InstaText seems to pretty popular.

  6. Just wanted to leave a comment or two about Mmodal and its training and use. When first asked to start this, I was like every other transcriptionist I think, probably a bit skeptical and unsure of how this will work since years ago, voice recognition was at best, difficult. What a difference this company and it’s product has made me see! I am certain that we are on the train to the future with this and I hope sincerely that if you have reservations, that you check it out first then decide!

  7. Question – on blog exercise 18 (the word find), the only word I could not find was, oddly enough, “integrity”. The closest match was a collection of letters near the bottom that spell “itegrity”. Where is the word? Thanks ~

    • Hi Sharon –
      I think that is supposed to be it…three rows from the bottom. It must have been a typo. Good thing it wasn’t “quality” 🙂

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