Five Little Editing Tips

When working in production, every second counts.  The little things that might not seem like such a big deal add up at the end of the day.  Here are five editing tips that, while minor, might save you a bit of time.

  • When creating sections and subsections, don’t add the punctuation (colons, dashes, etc)  to the end. The punctuation will automatically be added after you submit the document.
  • When creating lists, it is not necessary to move your cursor to the beginning of the list. It does not matter where your cursor is, the bullet will automatically appear at the beginning of the paragraph.  Also, do not change the bullets to numbers.  This will automatically change when after the document is submitted.
  • When using the toggle case shortcut, there is no need to select the word.  You only need to select if you are changing a word or phrase.
  • If your account is using allowable section titles, pay attention to the color changes.  Once your structure lines turn green, you can hit the tab key to auto complete the section heading. 
  • Don’t forget about the “look up” feature.  If you need to research a word or phrase, use Look Up rather than opening a separate resource and manually doing a search.  

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