Draft as a Tool

contributed by Julie Wehunt
In previous articles, I spoke of the challenges faced by MTEs during the transition from transcribing to editing. I think one of the most common misconceptions MTEs have during this time is thinking that Speech Understanding is meant to replace the MTE. Now that you are editing, you realize this is not the case. It is very important to keep in mind though as you become comfortable with editing that the draft is to be used as a tool.
I think once an MTE is able to master the navigational, editing, and audio shortcuts and becomes a proficient editor it may be forgotten that the draft is being provided as a tool to help you become more efficient in your position. It is crucial to remember that that the skills you learned as an MTE are just as important as they were when you were typing. Your job continues to require concentration on the medical content of the document only you now enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about formatting and details specific to your different accounts such as whether metric measurements are to be spelled out or abbreviated or whether medical slang is acceptable. Please remember that your medical terminology knowledge and experience is just as important as it was previously. Attention to detail has probably become even more important. It is going to take your expertise to distinguish between similar sounding medications, procedures, or body parts (such as the perineal or peroneal region). Close attention must be given to medication dosages, lab values, left versus right, he/she discrepancies. These are all important details that are crucial to patient care.
So enjoy the freedom that you now are now afforded so that greater attention may be given to the area wherein your expertise lies. Remember that we all have the same goal, to produce high quality, meaningful documents more efficiently!


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