Changing Playback Speed

Anyone who has done transcription for any amount of time has come across a doctor or two who changes dictating  speed multiple times throughout a report.  They start the report at a normal pace and then turn into Speed Racer half way through.   One of the features in the editor will allow you to change the playback speed  without stopping the audio or taking your hands off the keyboard.  Added bonus, it changes the speed without distorting the audio file.  That means, when you speed up the audio, the dictator will not sound like mouse-like.   This allows you to match the dictator speaking speed with your ability, not the other way around.  This is especially helpful if you are new to editing.   In the past, there has been some confusion as to rather these shortcuts can be used in conjunction with the foot pedal.  They absolutely can be.  They can be used with any playback method, foot pedal or audio shortcuts.

Currently, there are three shortcuts:

  • CTRL+E – This shortcut will slow down the playback speed incrementally. 
  • CTRL+R – With one click, this shortcut will return the playback to the dictator’s actual speed.
  • CTRL+T – This shortcut will speed up the dictation incrementally. 

If you have ever attended a training session with me, you know how I remember these shortcuts….T for turbo, R for regular, and E for easy!   Please remember, these are the M*Modal default shortcuts.  Your company may have decided to change them.  If these shortcuts are not working for you, contact me directly or your account manager.

Put these shortcuts into practice when you edit your next report.   Try slowing down the audio when you come across an unclear word or phrase and then returning it back to the regular rate.   We are interested in hearing how this works for you.  Leave us a comment in the comment section!


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