Editing Tip – Screen Display

Experiment with screen size, font, font size, and background color.  Now that you are looking for errors in draft text rather than typing from scratch, it is important that you optimize your ability to see the text.  The font, font size, and background color that worked well for you for typing may not work well for you when editing draft text.  Try a lighter background color that provides plenty of contrast with the font. You might also experiment with larger font sizes, and sans-serif fonts such as Arial as opposed to fonts with serifs such as Time New Roman. Though serif fonts may be easily readable in print, many people feel that they are not the best fonts for reading on a computer screen.  Don’t forget to also experiment with screen size.  Some MTEs have mentioned that it is easier for them to catch errors if the lines are not as long. 

Try something new and give it time – be sure you make your decision based on impact to ease of reading and editing and not based on habit.

Please note: The ability to alter font and background color may not be offered by your employer.  If you are unsure, please contact your account manager.


One thought on “Editing Tip – Screen Display

  1. I tried to increase Apex font size, but the directions did not work. Tools/Apex Editor Preferences/Miscellaneous Preferences. There are 3 font size choices. I changed it to 15, the largest, but the change did not take even after rebooting. The change did apply to TDE, assignments list, spellcheck, which was helpful, but the report itself it still teeny tiny. Any tips would be most helpful. Thanks!
    – Joey

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