Mail Bag

This week we’re going to try something different.  I received a few questions during MT Week.  I’m going to post them here along with the responses.  Sans names, of course.

Q: Will you address the playback highlighter?
A: Absolutely! The playback highlighter is a tricky topic.  Rather than a traditional text blog, I’ll address it with a video and a simulation exercise.  I may not be able to post it on the blog, but I will be sure to direct you all to the location.

Q: Why does the proficiency report say I rewind a lot? I rarely rewind.
A: Check your autorewind settings.  If the audio is rewinding a few words every time you start/stop audio, this could affect the scores on your report.

Q: The spell check is horrible.  Why do I have to add all the medical terms? It’s ridiculous.
A:  I agree, that would be horrible! The editing tool does not come with a medical spellchecker.  Any spell check used is from a third-party vender.  The responsibility for selection and purchase of a medical spellcheck falls on your employer.  If your employer has chosen not to purchase a medical spell check, ask if they will give you the option to purchase a license on your own.  

Q: Can I add my Steadman’s dictionary as a “Look Up” resource? I like the feature, but not the options available.
A: Steadman’s can be added, but the resources need to be set through your employer.  Speak with your account manager.  They may allow each editor to customize this option.

Q: Why can’t I use my foot pedal while editing?
A: You can use the foot pedal.  It is recommended that you use the audio shortcuts, but the foot pedal isn’t disabled.  Keep in mind that using the audio shortcuts may not feel natural at first, but the more experienced you become, the easier it is.


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