Did You Know….Text Expander & Autocomplete

Text Expander

We have already discussed the fact that AnyModal Edit will work with 3rd party text expanders such as Instant Text.  What a lot of transcriptionists do not know is that there is also a built-in text expander!

To use the built-in Text Expander:

  • Right click anywhere in the document.
  • Select Text Expander. 
  • Type a word or abbreviation in the “replace” column. 
  • Type the expended version in the “with” column.   
  • Click “add”
  • Click “OK” to close the window.  

To test your new entry, type in the abbreviated text you selected and then click the space bar.  The expanded word or phrase should appear.  Hooray!


This feature works pretty much the same in the AnyModal Editor as it does in Microsoft Word.  As you type, the editor will make word suggestions.  If the word you are typing appears, you can hit Tab to autocomplete. 

If this feature is available to you, you will have the option to allow autocomplete hints pop up as you type or hide them. 

Please remember that these features are optional and your company may not have implemented them.  For clarification, please contact your account manager.


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