Did You Know…

Did you know that you can use most of the productivity tools you used with traditional transcription while working in the editing environment? One of the most forgotten features is Look Up.

Look Up is a feature used to look up an unfamiliar word or phrase online.  Rather than open a web site and type in a word to search, follow the steps below.

To use Look Up:

  • Place your cursor on a word  or select a phrase to look up
  • Right click
  • Select Look Up
  • Select the desired resource. 

Once you select a resource, the web page will open and will automatically search for the term you selected. The resources available with this feature are selected by your company.  Currently there are no shortcuts available for the Look Up feature, but we’re working on it!

Check back for more forgotten features.  Please remember, these features are optional and may have been omitted from your application by your company.  Speak to your account manager for clarification.


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