AHIMA Hill Day

Earlier this month, Lynn Kosegi  (along with 175 others) had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and participate in AHIMA’s Hill Day.  Read below for a summary of Lynn’s trip.  For those interested in learning more about the upcoming AHDI/CTIA  Advocacy Summit, Read Here.

The trip to Washington, DC, as part of AHIMA’s Hill Day was everything I thought it would be and more. It was busier than I expected! Somehow I expected a lot of wait time with meetings scheduled here and there, and time for “tweeting” in between – but instead we had our running shoes on heading from meetings on one side of Capitol Hill to meetings scheduled on the other side, only to be running back in the opposite direction again 30 minutes later.  Hats off to AHIMA for what must surely be the extreme sport equivalent of appointment scheduling!

For those who are not familiar with AHIMA’s Hill Day, there were 175 AHIMA members on Capitol Hill that day, all of us divided into our component state associations (CSAs). AHIMA schedules Hill Day attendees to meet with their own elected officials so that officials actually talk with their constituents – the voters who put them in office – and who can take them out again. After all, that is the power of our process, right? AHIMA participants then attend meetings with senators with their CSA groups and with their House representatives in groups or alone depending on their districts. In my case I was the only AHIMA representative from District 4 in Pennsylvania, so I attended the meeting in Congressman Altmire’s office alone while the other PA attendees headed to their meetings. Then we met up again later on. What a schedule! Read More…


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