Transcription in Health Information – Understanding the Value

Yesterday I read this article written by Lynn Kosegi for the Excellence In Health Information blog on the Advance website. Not only does it cover a topic that deserves a lot of thought and discussion, it also includes the slides from her presentation at the AHDI Florida meeting. Enjoy!

I had the great pleasure of visiting with AHDI Florida on Saturday, and of talking with them about the use of technology, including but not limited to speech recognition, as a means of staying viable into the future. This group is so active, knowledgeable, and passionate about the health information industry (yes, transcription IS part of the health information industry) that they were truly a pleasure to visit!

We had some terrific discussions about the value of dictation and transcription and how we can use technology COMBINED with our human expertise, to produce efficiency – but most of all – to produce a value that customers understand.

These ladies clearly understood what they bring to the healthcare table. But unfortunately, the people in that meeting are not representative of the rest of the industry. Read More…


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