Audio Problems?

Did you know that there is a feature built into the editor that will fast forward through audio during silent periods?  This means that you no longer need to listen to log pauses in the dictation.  This feature is called optimized playback. It is important to note that this feature does not skip over a pause; it will compress the audio file to bypass the pause at an accelerated rate.  Optimized Playback is on by default, but it is possible  to turn this feature off when necessary.  You can turn it off with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F5 or by clicking the lightning bolt in your application. Please remember, it is most beneficial to leave this feature turned on.  The benefit of bypassing pauses can amount to hours over time.   However, there are times when turning this feature off could be beneficial.  These times include:

  • If you have a bad audio file
  • If you can hear words being speeded over
  • If you feel words have been skipped in the dictation

The optimizer might not be the cause of these problems and there is no guarantee that turning it off will solve the problem.  Nevertheless, turning this feature off in the above circumstances may help resolve the issue.


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