Welcome Julie!

We are very happy to welcome a new MTE to our M*Modal team! Julie will be posting here periodically about her  lessons learned  (highs and lows!) while learning to edit.  Below is her first post.  Check back often for more from Julie!

When I first heard about voice recognition software a few years ago,  I was thrown into a complete panic wondering what in the world would I do?  My assumption and outright fear was that the need for the MT would be completely eliminated and that the physician would assume sole ownership of transcription.  I am now pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was and by the opportunities available to MTs who choose to further develop their skills by becoming  MTEs!        It is my hope that all of you  who are moving toward voice recognition and editing will welcome this endeavor.  I worked on the same accounts for so long  I was able to type them in my sleep!  This was lucky for me given my sleep deprivation when my boys, who are 27 months apart, were small but as my boys got older and  went to  school  I found as I typed all day that I easily became distracted.  Add suddenly to the mix becoming a single mom with shared custody and life significantly changed.     I personally made the decision to pursue a job outside of the home utilizing the skills I gained as an MT in a different capacity and am completely thrilled about being out of my pajamas.   I have to say though that for those of you who do not want to give up the freedom of working from home but who would like to enhance the skills you already possess and have the focus and determination to welcome a new challenge, then embrace the chance to become even more productive as an MTE!  I have found that while editing using  M*Modal,  I am more focused on the job and  listening more intently to what the physician is saying.   My mind is not wandering and I am concentrating on the content of the report  while learning and using the keyboard shortcuts to increase my productivity .

I am amazed each day as I discover more about  M*Modal’s technology and how encompassing it is.  Not relying on the foot pedal and even the mouse are examples of techniques that I would not have ever considered possible before being exposed to  editing,  but both are highly encouraged and the shortcuts available in  M*Modal’s technology make this so appealing.  Realizing that report format and uniformity are no longer issues of concern on the end of the MTE is so refreshing and allows the MTE  to focus on the actual content of the report and on using the keyboard shortcuts to become more efficient.   I look forward to sharing this exciting process with you and would love to hear from you regarding M*Modal, speech recognition, and editing!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Julie!

  1. Noticed you didn’t have any comments — I took my first training on M-modal last week — today’s the first day I’m going to actually use it — thought you might have some day one advice?

    • Wow! First day??? Are you excited? My advice to you would be to slow down the audio for at least today. It is a lot easier to learn something new if you go slow in the beginning. Also, try to pick a few shortcuts each day to really concentrate on. After you have those memorized, pick a few more. Good luck and keep us updated!

  2. I would agree with Misty to slow down the audio and take your time. Concentrate on accuracy and becoming familiar with the keyboard functions rather than speed. Please check back for more feedback. We also would love to hear how you are doing!!! Good luck!!

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