Last week I had the pleasure of meeting many MTEs while representing M*Modal at the AHDI-NEMA (Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was wonderful to meet you in person and get a chance to talk to you about editing and M*Modal.  I was very impressed by the passionate and positive attitude that so many of you had.  Some of the MTEs that I spoke with had not only learned to adapt to their new editing environment, but had grown to love editing more than straight transcription.  Others were just beginning with their transition to editing but were excited about learning these new skills and saw this as a positive change.   I truly believe a positive attitude toward change is more than half the battle in being successful. 

 I understand that attending these types of events may not be a possibility for everyone due to home responsibilities or financial restrictions, but it really is such a positive experience for an MTE.  It is a great way to come together with your fellow MTEs and share your challenges and accomplishments.  The sessions are filled with important and practical information to take back home with you and give you a renewed passion to accomplish your career goals.  AHDI has an excellent article posted on their website about planning ahead to be there for AHDI’s ACE 2011.  You can read the article here:  http://ahdionline.blogspot.com/2010/10/phoenix-or-bust-how-to-make-ace-2011.html   If you can’t make it to ACE 2011 in Phoenix, check out the events for your local AHDI chapter.  The locations might be closer to your house which can cut down on expenses and travel time.  

Thank you to all the MTEs who stopped by the M*Modal booth to chat at AHDI NEMA.  I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you all in Phoenix in 2011.


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