Get Connected!

How nice it is to have your morning commute consist of walking down the stairs, your office attire complete when you put on your bunny slippers, and you can actually still work when your little one is home with a cold?  Working from home can be a wonderful way to balance your career with the demands of your family and household, but it can also make staying connected to peers, colleagues, and industry trends a little more difficult.  With today’s technology however, resources and networking are at your fingertips.  It is important that you take advantage of all the things available to you.  

For example, have you started to Tweet yet?  At the recent AHDI ACE 2010 held in Austin, Texas in August, I got to talk with a lot of the MTs who stopped by the M*Modal booth.  It seemed the majority did not have a Twitter account or had signed up for one but never really used it.  Utilizing Twitter can be a great way to get connected with other MTs, keep track of industry related news, and hear about webinars and discussions that could be of great use to you.  To start, check out the Twitter pages for,,, and  

Membership in AHDI (Association for Healthcare Document Integrity) is a also great opportunity to find out about industry news, webinars, the Annual Convention and Expo, continuing education, and credentialing.   You can also get involved with a local chapter in your area for many in-person events.  

Following industry-related blogs is an excellent way to get the discussion started with other MTs—people who feel passionate about many of the same things that you do.   Jay Vance, CMT, writes a wonderful blog at the AHDI Lounge,

There is also Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletter subscriptions, instant messaging—these can all help you stay connected to those in your field.  Using all of these resources will ensure that even though you work by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you’re alone!


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