Hidden Text

Last week I received an email from a reader regarding  hidden text.   She mentioned that the hidden text is rarely accurate.  In fact, most of the time it does not need to be included in the report and she has to delete it.  Her question is why is it included when it is just slowing her down.

The text the reader is speaking of is the grayed out text at the beginning of the draft document.  The hidden text is confirmation information that is dictated at the beginning of each dictation.  This is information such as the patient name, date of birth, date of dictation, the dictators identifying info, etc.  In the traditional transcription environment this information would never be typed in the body of the report because it is not necessary.  This information belongs in the patient demographics panel. In the editing environment, the same is true.  This information is not required in the body of the report.  That is why this information is gray.   The gray background indicates that this text will not appear in the report.  The only time you will see this gray text is in the AnyModal Editor.  Therefore, it is not necessary to delete or edit this text for accuracy.  Just as you would while typing a traditional transcription job, listen to the dictation to verify that the patient panels have been populated accurately.  Then continue on with the report.

So, why does this information appear in the report?   Remember the engine is a machine and will make errors.  This is why you, as an MTE, will always be so important to the process.   At times, the engine might over identify the text that should be hidden. If information that should be included in the report is presented as hidden text, there is no need to retype the info from scratch.  With one keyboard shortcut, you can turn the gray background off and edit the text accordingly.  If the hidden text was not presented in the draft, you would lose this benefit.   It is also helpful to have that text available when special instructions are dictated.  After you have completed your edits, you can refer back to the special instructions to verify that the request was fulfilled.

Important notes:

  • Do listen to the confirmation information that is dictated.  Even though this information is not required in the body of the report, it is still crucial to ensure that the patient demographic panels are accurate.
  • Any text with a white background will be included in the final report.  If any undesired text has a white background, you are responsible for deleting it. Remember to use your keyboard shortcuts (not your mouse!)  to  select and delete this text efficiently.
  • Each company has a different keyboard shortcut assigned to this feature.  Speak to your trainer or account manager for the appropriate instructions.

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