Fun with Editing

If you’ve been watching AHDI Lounge (see the link to the left), you’ve seen some discussion about the importance of using keyboard shortcuts and other editing skills to achieve higher productivity.

Unfortunately you as MTs are not always provided with sufficient training. Sometimes companies don’t realize that editing is a unique skill and requires training and practice. After all, speech recognition is new to them too! It isn’t enough to be provided with some sample drafts and a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Many of the keyboard shortcuts included in M*Modal’s partners’ editing tools are the same shortcuts used in Windows and Microsoft software applications. If you do not have a training tool available to you, our new Editing Fun! page will include exercises that you can use to practice skills that will help you to become a skilled editor.

We sometimes notice that new MT editors delete incorrect text and re-type it thinking they can do that faster than they can make only the needed change. I do this all the time when I am typing – if I need to edit one word out of a series, rather than navigating to that word I’ll hold down that backspace key and delete correct text along with the error and will retype it. Why? Because I don’t know the more efficient keyboard shortcuts off the top of my head! And since I’m pretty fast, I think I can re-type faster than make corrections. WRONG!!! 🙂

Misty and Bethany DO know all the shortcuts, and they are here to help. Practicing these keyboard shortcuts until they become second nature, and learning to COMBINE one shortcut with another will help you to edit even documents with lower quality quickly and efficiently.

There is no audio attached since we are limited as to what we can provide in this environment – but practicing some of these exercises might be beneficial to you.

As you learn these skills, use them any time you are working on your computer to navigate through websites, type email or IMs, or any of the many other tasks you perform on a computer.

Some of the other exercises are designed to help with focus and attention to detail. The ability to spot the errors is more important than blinding speed!

Visit our Editing Fun! page and follow the instructions to practice the exercise.


4 thoughts on “Fun with Editing

  1. Where I can find you Editing Fun page? I am an MTE and I could some more practice with editing and computer shortcuts. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I like the editing exercises, but to be honest I wish there was a way to fix the subsections that the engine puts in. Why does the VR engine put in subsection headers when the doctor doesn’t say them? I have to take them all out and re-type the whole thing.

    It’s like the engine is trying to be too smart but it wastes a lot of time.

    • Thank you for your comment. We appreciate the feedback. A lot of requirements, such as section and subsection headings, are set up to automatically be handled by our system. The subsection headings that appear in a draft document have been predetermined by your account manager. If the account settings are not set properly, this could cause problems with the subsection headings. Sounds like this might be the case in your situation. To be certain, I would need a little more information. Have you discussed this with your account manager? If you would like, we can talk privately through email (everything would be confidential, of course).

      In the meantime, here are a few steps to help you make changes quickly without deleting the text completely. I am assuming that you want to remove the structured subsections completely.

      • Place your cursor within the subsection heading
      • Type CTRL+Shift+N

      At this point the structure will be removed and you are left with a selected subsection heading. At this point, you can:

      • Press delete to remove the subsection heading title completely (the text should already be selected for you)
      • Press the left or right arrow key to “unselect” the text and alter the text to create a complete sentence (remember to use your toggle case shortcut if you want to change the case of a word).
      • Press the right arrow key and add a colon after the subsection heading (if this is what your account requires).

      Please let me know if I understood your question correctly.

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