The Importance of Attentive Listening

Transitioning to the editing environment requires you to read, listen, and type at the same time.  Attentive listening is an important skill when transcribing, but it becomes an even more important skill when editing.  In an editing environment, we can be easily misled into assuming what we hear and read are the same, when really they are different.  Paying close attention to the context of a document can help us avoid making such assumptions.

When we edit documents, it is important that we not only hear but we also listen to the dictator.  It takes education, experience, and concentration to listen.  Listening implies understanding, not just of each individual word, but of context.

The playback highlighter makes reading and listening simultaneously easier by highlighting each spoken word for you.  This can help you listen more attentively by keeping you focused on what is being dictated.  You will notice that as each word is spoken, the highlighter will highlight it.  The highlighter correlates to the rate of playback.  You will notice that when you adjust the rate of playback, the highlighter will continue to highlight each word accurately.  Use the highlighter to help maintain focus and to keep you on track.

  • Do more than hear words – listen for context!
  • Avoid listening distractions when transcribing and editing by creating a working environment that encourages listening skills!
  • Without attentive listening, you cannot build the skill set you need to be an efficient and productive Medical Transcription Editor.

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