Hello world!

Welcome to M*Modal’s Clinical Documentation Discussion Group!

This is a group of medical transcriptionists, editors, QA personnel, and other skilled medical language experts who create accurate, high-quality documentation from physician dictation.

We will talk about industry trends and challenges, editing tips and suggestions, productivity, quality, and anything else that will help you, the medical transcriptionist. You are the ones who make the information in the physician’s head available to anyone else who needs to use it. What is more important than that? And we at M*Modal want to make sure your profession is valued – now and into the future. We want to help ensure that the profession is paid what it is worth so people continue to want to enter the field and so you can make the living you deserve.

But those of us involved in the medical transcription field today are facing many challenges. Hospitals need to cut costs, forcing transcription prices down. Transcription companies and hospitals must invest money into technology in order to stay current.

To top it all off, there are technology vendors who are doing their best to do two things to undercut our industry.

• Commoditize it. There are companies out there (we know who they are) who do their best to convince hospitals and clinics that transcription service is a commodity. It can be provided by anyone. They convince the hospital that it is their technology that makes the difference and that the hospital can use any number of anonymous transcription services to do the work. The highly specialized skill that is medical transcription is reduced to a “typing service” that anyone can do. Is that the truth? No. But the CFO of a hospital with limited money to spend might not know that.

• Eliminate it. Those same companies and others are at the same time telling hospitals and clinics that they do not need transcription at all. They tell them the doctors can do the documentation themselves by using either front-end speech recognition, where the doctor edits his or her own draft text, or by using structured forms and templates to do direct data entry. Do doctors WANT to have to do this themselves? Of course not – they barely want to take the time to slow down enough so that we can understand their dictation! But again, the CFO is thinking of his checkbook.

So what can we do about this? Together, you the skilled medical transcriptionist PLUS technology such as that used by your employers with M*Modal’s Speech Understanding, can produce accurate, comprehensive clinical information in a way that is fast, easy for the doctor, and cost effective.

So are you ready to get started? Let’s talk!


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